For the finest in bespoke

We have curated a selection of rare, vintage and exclusive cloths, for the bespoke aficionado.

How do we choose our cloths?

There are thousands upon thousands of cloths available for bespoke tailoring, but we are only interested in a select few. We have picked the cloths that we would opt for in our own bespoke commissions.

Our interest is in cloths that will bring out the best in bespoke tailoring. We look for drape, weight, handle and longevity.

  • Rare and Vintage

    Our relationships with cloth merchants allow us to search through their back catalogues, cancelled orders and samples. We can then pick out cloths that are unavailable anywhere else.

  • Cut Length Bunches

    For those outside of the bespoke tailoring trade, cloths are hard to come by, and yet some of us choose to buy cloth when we see it and like it, and find a maker afterwards. We can facilitate buying cloth from cloth houses directly for retail clients.

  • Atelier Exclusives

    Sometimes we feel that a particular cloth is missing from a merchant's selection, and so we will work with them to commission cloth to our own specifications, that will be available exclusively from Atelier.

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The Valet, Piccadilly Arcade

Our London location, hosted by our sister brand The Valet, is in the heart of St James's in the charming Piccadilly Arcade. This is where we host visiting bespoke tailors and have a selection of cloths available for purchase.

The Valet offers a wide range of garment care services catering to the bespoke tailoring client including their signature Sponge Pressing for tailoring.

Learn more about The Valet